How to be a good freelancer ?

How to be a good freelancer ?

About freelancing you know something. Today I will say details about freelancing. Freelancing is the good job for unemployed member of Bangladesh. When Covid 19 come in Bangladesh , then maximum private company are stopped this business. When many people loss her jobs  and feel very upsad. Then they thought that what can be done sitting at home. Just then they took part in to the outsourcing profession at the initiative of the government in Bangladesh. They started freelancing and many people are success this profession. Many people earning a huge amaunt out of country. And learning how to conversation a foregn buyer.

The people of Bangladesh have to face many problems while outsourcing of stay. While network problem, Wi-Fi low speed , High rated of internet bill, load sheding etc. Village people are very complicated for freelancing network problem. You wanted to know thhat , how to be a good freelancer ?

Now this day many Bangladeshi people are working largest marketplace in the world. So they are very satisfied of his work rate. Many buyer are complicated and not satisfied his hard working. So be carefully all members of Bangladeshi  freelancer and try to learn complete this course. Priminister Sheik Hasina initiative a free learning Freelancing course in Bangladeshi people (LEDP).

If well that they good try to work , he will be succeed on his life . Freelancing is a best job from others private company. People are doing work in many marketplace. Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, 99Design are the best marketplace for freelancing. Microworkers the best site for data entry jobs. People get a huge jobs in this site. Upwork the best for huge payment to freelancer. So, you knows any work and to be expert in this work ,then you join upwork site. Fiverr is the bigest all other marketplace in the world . Here a huge jobs waiting for you. New freelancer are doing work in this site.

If you want that firstly to be expert on your profession. Then you get a huge jobs and success in life. Exactly to you success with freelancing ,if you maintains right rules of marketplace. Freelancing is the good jobs of other professions.


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